About Us

About Us

Taking each customer's needs into account and treating every package as if it were our own is very important to us.

As a superior corporation, our aim is to offer our customers the best possible shipping price on all international packages without worrying about even the most trivial of mishaps and most importantly, an annoying array of shipping charges.

As much as parenthood can bring blessings, it can also be very overwhelming at times. It is because of this reason that we create products that are both beautiful and versatile. Besides stroller covers, nursing covers, burp cloths, and tummy time blankets, our swaddles work as tummy time blankets, nursing covers, and more. Burp cloths can also be used as bibs. It is our goal to make your baby's life easier while also making your baby comfortable.

When developing our product range, safety is our top priority. Before a product is placed on the market, it undergoes rigorous testing. In our health and wellness collection, we eliminate all harsh ingredients from our skin care products, eliminate loose blankets in the crib and use sleeping bags. This ensures the safest environment for babies.

Creating iconic prints and an aesthetic unlike anything else in the baby industry makes us what we are. There is a story behind every one of our designs, bringing depth to the designs while pleasing your baby. Our patterns are inspired by scenes we see, stories we hear, or colors we see.